Nursing Excellence

Below are the winning entries for the Nursing Excellence Category. Click on the projects and find inspiration on how you can start writing your own project entry!

2016 Winners

Bravery of fatherhood through breast-feeding
by Fortis Hospital, Mulund, India

Preceptor Program - A Way to Reduce Absconding Rate of nurses and Increase Patient Satisfaction
by Aster Medcity, India

WIG-LAG-LEAD strategy for Continuous Nursing Quality Improvement
by Apollo Speciality Hospital, India

Staff Engagement to Foster the Communication among Health Care Professionals by using SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation) in North District Hospital, Hong Kong
by North District Hospital, Hong Kong

S.P.O.T. Bundle of Care: Independent Nursing Interventions as forerunner in Fast Track Recovery of patients after an Open Heart Surgery
by St. Luke's Medical Center - Global City, Philippines

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